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Singapore has a great appeal to attract overseas company owners, investors, and exporters to list Singapore as its network, base of production, or just market. There is a huge world of business that can be examined without stress and hassle in Singapore especially after it is a country with a wide range of business policies, tax concessions, and even grants. To set up a business in Singapore is a simple, quick decision. Singapore is the best place for the company and has the right local people to make your wish to make a successful business come true. Also, the firm political conditions of Singapore always generate good times for companies to grow aggressively! Engage with Capital Radius renders Singapore Immigration services.

Singapore as a great place to set up your company is a fact; yet, to relocate to Singapore remains an option. You can opt to relocate to this beautiful country or to run your company from your home in another country without lowering your organization’s probability of success. You can send your assigned staff to relocate to Singapore and also take care of the day-to-day functions, with or without their families. Singapore definitely gives you the liberty to live and work the way you are comfortable

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The Different Visa Schemes in Singapore

The best economic and business hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore remains to attract investors and foreign talent from all over the world with its open immigration policies. How can an entrepreneur or a working professional visit legally in the country? What are the various Singapore work visa schemes possible for them? Let’s take a look.

Employment Pass Scheme

The EP or the Employment Pass is the principal kind of work permit that is given to skilled employees or company workers who will be obtaining a living in Singapore. They are needed to have a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600 including the good news is that there is no official quota system that restricts the number of EPs a company can issue.

Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass Scheme

A modification of the Employment Pass, the EntrePass is a visa for owners of newly incorporated organizations in Singapore, who want to relocate to the country to operate their business.

Personalized Employment Pass or PEP Scheme

A specific type of Employment Pass, the Personalised Employment Pass, or PEP, is not bound to one appropriate employer. One of the biggest advantages of having this kind of work visa is that it provides the pass holder to switch employers without having to reapply for a new work visa, as long as unemployment is shorter than six months. Though individuals with this Singapore work visa won’t be able to commence their own businesses and the government is pretty strict with the eligibility requirements.

S Pass Scheme

The S Pass is for mid-skilled individuals who make at least $2,200. The applications for this kind of Singapore work visa is based on the quota qualification of the business and the qualifications of the candidate.

Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme

The Miscellaneous Work Pass is provided to foreigners who work in Singapore on short-term assignments. It is also assigned to people who:

Additional Immigration Visa Schemes

Dependent Pass Scheme

This is a family relocation visa that is provided to spouses also unmarried children who are younger than twenty-one years old of S Pass or Employment Pass holders who have a fixed salary of at least $6,000.

Permanent Resident Scheme for Work Pass Holders

Individuals who work in Singapore also have professional work passes that can appeal for permanent residence in due course.

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