Singapore Education Visa

Singapore is a metropolitan city plus a multi-cultural nation. It's also one of the most reliable places to live in plus one of the most student-friendly countries. Students can experience a vigorous lifestyle, with advanced facilities such as healthcare, recreation, and entertainment, transportation, and civil amenities.

Added great thing about obtaining a student in Singapore is you can move to other Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam) on a moderate budget. A huge number of students are hurrying towards the Education Hub of Asia that is established in Singapore for the study purpose. We are rendering here all the important details regarding the Student Visa for assisting the Candidates.

Why Study in Singapore?

Most suitable recognized for academic excellence, the country offers more than any international students require. If you are looking for Study abroad inside your budget limit, no other destination is more superior than Singapore. Being a global business hub, Singapore is the best country that helps you to boost your future, successfully. High visa completion rate, study programs with a paid internship, easy visa process, also other reasons have made it a famous study destination for international students.  

Singapore Education Visa - How to Apply, Checklist, Processing Time

The initial and foremost step a candidate must take is, make an application to the university where they want to study. The university then, after evaluating the application, including the past educational record of the candidate, will issue a soft copy of the in-principle approval (IPA) letter to the chosen candidates via email.

In addition to the IPA letter, the applicant will also be given an entrance visa, so the applicant need not apply for the visa distinctly. This is a one-time visa that will be required for entering Singapore. 

Do you even require a Visa?

For receiving our visas, all the countries are classified into two sections. A candidate, while applying, must check in which section does their country falls, depending on which the requirement of visa will be determined. 

Singapore Student Pass

After getting the IPA letter, a candidate will be asked to apply for a Student Pass. Candidates applying in the latter type of higher education institutions will need to have a Student Pass:

Approved Private Education Organisation

Institute of Technical Education

Institute of Higher Learning – Local Universities, Polytechnic plus Offshore universities 

Singapore Student Visa – Needed Documents:

As per the Rules of the Immigration including Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Students must present the following documents in the same order:

• Application Form of International Students

• Photo of the Applicants (Passport Size and less than 6 months old)

• Application Payment of the Singapore Student Visa

• Bank Statements (Must be Original for last 28 days from all the sponsors)

• Marks sheets from the Class 10th to the last Degree acquired (Transcripts)

• Support Affidavit to be given by the Sponsors on Rs. 20 Stamp Paper

• Document of Work Experience of the Students (If have any)

• Certificate of Fixed Deposit (If required)

• Consent letter of Bank Loan (If needed)

Candidates are encouraged to apply at least 2 months before the beginning of the course.

If the expected documents are not in the English language, officially translated versions, as well as copies in the original language, are needed. 


For Singapore, there is no fixed set of requirements for the Student/Education pass. Students present the documents, plus ICA decides. If the following boxes are ticked, students will most likely be allowed a student pass:

  • The organization applies on student’s behalf once they pick a full-time course at a known educational institution;
  • Educational credentials to help that student have finished secondary or tertiary education
  • Correctly filled application form also the supporting documents all checkout

Singapore has the goal to be a geographical education hub. So, in general, the student pass process is kept as accessible plus streamlined as possible.

Registrants should process the Student Pass application as soon as possible can. Students are notified to bring their original documents when they collect their student's pass.

Another significant thing to keep in mind is that students will always require a valid approval in their passport, be it a student pass or social visit pass. 

Turn Around Time

The application can be as fast as two weeks, though it’s safer to assume that it will take 4 to 5 weeks until approval.

What’s Next?

We at Capital Radius help students throughout with free counseling on their study overseas queries.

Students can get their Visa inquiries resolved on by fixing an appointment with our Visa Officials.