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Singapore has a fairly wide number of MNCs (Multinational companies.) This, in turn, has kindled the growth of this island-nation which is also one of the four Asian tigers. This city-state has a very steady economy also provides numerous opportunities for research and specialized jobs. Moreover, from a job prospect, acquiring work experience from one of the fast-paced startups or MNCs of Singapore can intensify your resume.

Singapore’s government has set up a tax policy to maximize business investment. The tax levied on companies is quite low. Moreover, the income tax is much lower than that of most other developed nations. Singapore too has a booming IT division.

Of course, there is ample more to life than work. A multicultural ambiance tenders it easier for new immigrants to integrate into society. However, the majority of people have their ethnic experiences as Indians, Chinese, or Malays. There is no lack of entertainment choices in Singapore. Adventure parks, shopping malls, including posh hotels are more than enough to kindle a spark in your life.

English is the standard language of Singapore. Therefore, you won’t have to learn a new language to live, work or study in this country.


Immigration signifies moving from one city or country to another on a temporary or a permanent basis. When you move from one spot to another then numerous think you have to select, so if you require someone who can help you then you can contact Capital Radius for ease process and quality service.

And if required to immigrate to Singapore then we must say it is so good decision. It is listed first in the world for its city infrastructure in Mercers Quality of Living Survey 2009. It is so enormously famous for his study abroad destination in multiple countries. You can get here a work visa, study visa, also a tourist visa.

Capital Radius Offer a Variety of Services and Solutions to Ensure That You Can Migrate with Ease

Singapore Immigration Consultants is dedicated to assisting people from Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, also numerous other nations, in settling down in Singapore. Capital Radius deals with both skillful professionals plus foreign investors who prefer to enter the Singaporean economy.

Besides years of experience, we can help you effortlessly get the right permit and visa to live also work in Singapore legitimately. Our team of expert accountants, lawyers, and immigration experts can lead you in this journey until you successfully settle down in Singapore.


Capital Radius offers you a wide range of services to avail of multiple types of visas to Singapore that incorporates Working permit visa, Employment Pass visa, Personalized Employment Pass visa, Dependent Pass Scheme visa, Student visa, Permanent Residence Scheme for Work Pass Holders visa, also Investors PR Scheme visa.

Singapore has always supported an open-door policy towards migrants plus continues to do so. The number of immigrants in this country remains to rise every year.  In fact, immigrants consider a major percentage of the population here.

Motives to migrate to Singapore are a strong economy, low cost of living, and great quality of life. There are numerous reasons to migrate to Singapore, some migrate for work, plus others migrate to rejoin with their families. Some of them travel here on long-term visit visas while others attempt permanent residency.

Foreign professionals can prefer between three distinct work visas to migrate to Singapore. An immigrant’s spouse, children, including parents can come to Singapore with a Dependent’s Pass also Long-Term Visit Pass.


The candidates who prefer to process their Working permit visa to Singapore must have an employment proposal from a firm in Singapore. Employment Pass visa applicants have to meet the criteria of salary including skills relevant to its three subcategories. The candidates of Personalized Employment Pass visas have a time period of 6 months to receive a job in Singapore after they arrive at the country.

The immigrant students who want to apply for the Study visa in Singapore must have an offer letter of a seat in a selected educational institute in Singapore. The candidates who prefer to process their Dependent pass visa must be a spouse or single children less than 21 years of an Employment pass visa owner in Singapore who has the least salary of S$5,000.

The candidates of Singapore Investor PR can get the visa processed for them also their close family members if they spend at least SGD2.5 million in the nation.


The candidates of Singapore visa need a passport which has a validity of six months past their stay in Singapore. They must have onward also return tickets if it is relevant to their visa type. They must provide proof of the ability to financially support their stay in Singapore. Candidates of specific nations must give proof of being vaccinated for Yellow fever if it is appropriate to them. Candidates who are on a short-term stay to Singapore for tourism or social visit must give a letter of introduction from their connection person in Singapore.


Capital Radius consultants bring you proficient advice. With almost a decade of experience in immigration, your application is in responsible hands. Reach us today!