Singapore Job Seeker Visa

Work Visa entitles individuals who aim to travel to overseas for the purpose of ensuring employment or take up arranged employment. Candidates, who are highly skilled also qualified professionals, who are engaged in searching for jobs or are already selected by a company according to the General Labour Agreement would be assigned this visa. More Visas renders comprehensive assistance for obtaining a work visa.

Commonly, work visas are not issued for common, routine, and secretarial works. Professionals with an excellent degree and extraordinary abilities are generally preferred by overseas companies/countries. The job classifications are divided into skilled workers, professionals, also other workers. The foremost criteria for a work visa specified by many countries are that the candidates add value to their economy plus contribute positively.

 Work Visa is declared from the country of origin. Every year thousands of people move to several countries in search of employment or take up systematized employment. The professions include information technology experts, cultural exchange participants, artists, investors, researchers, nurses, religious workers, scientists, agricultural workers, athletes, and others.

 The candidates must obtain permission to work legally in the country they prefer to migrate. Each employment section has various conditions, requirements, including authorized periods of stay. It is remarkably important to adhere to the terms and conditions of your application for the purpose of admission & visa.

Highlights of the Singapore Job Seeker Visa Permit

ü  This working pass requires getting a job in Singapore primary as only the firm (or an involved visa agent) is entitled to the application process.

ü  This visa is only for specific Asian nationalities, including every industry or sector of the economy in Singapore has its own nationality list. Employees should review their nationalities’ eligibility before seeking a job in Singapore.

ü  A firm that engages a WP holder must pay a monthly duty, security bond, purchase insurance for this worker as well as secure this hire meets his sector’s quota criterion.

ü  Visa is assigned for the maximum period of 24 months, but the accurate duration will be determined depending on a foreigner’s passport validity, a term of employment, size of the security bond the firm paid, plus so on. Before the visa ends, the employer can initiate its extension under certain conditions.

ü  Foreign workers holding the WP cannot have their families accompany them in Singapore.

ü  WP holders aren’t allowed to run their personal businesses in Singapore.

ü  WP holders cannot claim for the permanent residence.

ü  Female WP holders require to get the govt’s approval if they desire to marry a Singaporean or a PR.

ü  Getting pregnant leads to the pass’ removal unless it occurs within the approved marriage with a Singaporean/PR.

ü  Only Malaysian holders of the WP can appeal for a new job (and get a new WP for it) without leaving the old job first. WP holders of all different nationalities can proceed with new employment in Singapore only after giving up their former jobs.

ü  Visa doesn’t have any salary guidelines. But normally, WP holders earn less than the S Pass holders.

Conditions for Work Permit (WP) For foreign workers:

ü  Only nationals from specific approved Asian countries (such as India, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Hong Kong, and so on) are entitled to apply for this visa.

ü  The applicant must be older than 18 years plus no older than 50 (58 for the Malaysians).

ü  Applicants’ passport must be valid.

ü  Foreigner’s educational qualifications are honoured; higher-skilled workers are at an advantage because firms would have to pay a lower tax for them.

ü  WP holders can work only according to the designations of their working visas. It is illegal for them to get included in any other employment or personal business.

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