What Is Singapore Permanent Residence Visa?

The Permanent Residence is a premium visa solution that permits holders of employment visas, entrepreneurs also investors to live and work in Singapore continually enjoying flexibility plus freedom in pursuing career pinnacles as well as other delightful perks such as nice and more affordable housing also healthcare, opportunities of CPF fund, better education for kids, business freedom, and so on. Investors including holders of the Entrepass/PEP/EP/S Pass are eligible for PR; yet, getting qualified will take each of the distinct periods of time and effort.

Operating on the most premium employment visa is dim in comparison with perks the Singapore Permanent Residence Visa gives. If you don’t feel like moving after having worked for a long time in SG and continuous renewal procedures wear out you and your family, PR must be your ultimate destination.

Yearly thousands of foreigners become Singapore permanent residents (SPR). Yet, not everyone goes through the same application steps. A key financial hub in Asia, foreigners from all over the globe have been fascinated by the possibility of obtaining Singapore permanent residency in a variety of ways.

Eligibility Guidelines for SPR

Foreigners are eligible to appeal for Singapore PR if they are:

·          While the spouse of a Singapore citizen or a Singapore permanent resident

·          Legal, unmarried adolescents below the age of 21 or children who have been legally adopted by a Singapore citizen or a Singapore permanent resident

·          Aged parent of a Singapore citizen

·          Holder of an S Pass or Employment Pass

·          A student studying in Singapore

·          Foreign investors in Singapore 

3 kinds of Singapore Permanent Residence Visa schemes


Scheme 1:

Foreign professionals, technicians, and skilful workers. This scheme is changed for individuals who are currently working in Singapore for a specific period (key requirement). 

The longer a foreigner has worked plus contributed to the Singapore economy, the better it resembles on paper when an application is sent for processing. Hence, when the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) evaluates you for your application, it will be based on your personal also professional benefits you have acquired and built over the years while working in Singapore. 

Consequently, if you are a working specialist and you are currently holding an Employment Pass or S Pass and intending to apply for a Permanent Resident visa in the future, it is necessary to plan and build an outstanding employment profile. 


Scheme 2:

Investors Scheme (Global Investor Programme) This scheme is suitable for foreign investors who are enthusiastic to invest at least $2.5 million SGD into a new Singaporean business start-up, current business, or a GIP-approved fund. 

 Enthusiastic entrepreneurs are required to have a good entrepreneurial experience, a great track record of your business, also an investment plan prepared. (For more details, feel free to drop us an email at capitalradius@gmail.com)


Scheme 3:

Foreign artist with an aim to becoming more of an artistic hub within South East Asia, Singapore has built a special scheme provided to foreign artists who wish to move to Singapore. This scheme supports professionals who are working in the arts, music, dance, photography industry, in addition to the literature, theatre or cinematography specialization to migrate to Singapore.

If you are enthusiastic to contribute your talents to cultivate Singapore's growing art view, Singapore wants you. Artists who want to apply for this scheme should take note that their only requirement is that they should be honestly established internationally.


Singapore Permanent Residence Visa Rejection


In the case of a rejection, the ICA does not give a reason. It is also not advised to resubmit your appeal immediately. View through your application again, check for any grammar errors, complex answers, lack of proof for statements made in the form, and general mistakes. Failure to show your uniqueness will most likely result in a rejection. However, it is not impossible as several people have tried multiple times before a successful consent is processed, so do not give up!